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The Notorious Newman Brothers


The Notorious Newman Brothers is an independent film from Ryan Noel and the Butler brothers. Still screening at film festivals, I suggest you catch this one as quickly as you can!

*Please note since this was a promotional screener, there will be no picture, audio, or extras section in this review!

FILM- Max Chaplin is a wanna be documentary film maker. After advertising in the classifieds, he is contacted by Paulie and Thunderclap Newman; the Notorious Newman Brothers. Max is terrified and fascinated by the duo, and starts filming at once. After some petty crimes and misdemeanors, the Newmans decide to up the ante and invite Max to tag along with them to a drug deal. Several days before the deal, Max receives a call from the Newman's past acquittance; who informs him they might not be who they claim...

This film is utterly hilarious! From the first few seconds, I knew I was going to like this one. The humor works great, combining crude sex jokes, potty mouthed arguments, and incoherent babbling. Max's meek characteristics are demolished by the Newmans at every turn (that is, when the brothers aren't trying to bash each other over everything from sexual fulfillment to wearing an eye patch).

Absurd humor, fake mustaches, and video store shenanigans; it's all compresses into The Notorious Newman Brothers, one of the funniest films of the year! 9/10